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Why are my PayPal payments marked as pending?
Why are my PayPal payments marked as pending?

Information behind the main reasons as to why your payments are pending

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Every product you sell on Sellix is considered a digital good, unlike other common digital e-commerce platforms. This article will help you figure out why your payments are marked as "pending".

Okay, what makes Sellix different?

Sellix automatically classifies every sale as a "digital good". By automatically classifying purchases, this ultimately allows you to have a better chance of winning any dispute that may occur (many of our users win them), along with a lower chance of your account being permanently limited.

Be sure to take a look at our Fraud Shield to protect yourself from fraudulent buyers.

The only flaw with this is that if you’re new to selling digital goods, PayPal may keep your funds on hold for up to 7 to 21 days max, upon confirmation.

To speed up the process, add the tracking info by using our tracking page ( along with an explanation that you’re selling a digital good and thus it’s already been shipped and received by the customer.

On a related note

We personally reached out to the PayPal risk management team and they've answered with the following:

"You, the seller, will automatically exit the fund availability program as soon as you reach 90 days after your first sale with PayPal for a total amount of 250 USD."

Your payments may still be pending due to the following reasons:

  • Authorization: Payment requires manual authorization by the buyer.

  • International: Your PayPal account is outside the U.S and you do not have a withdrawal account. This also means that you'll have to manually accept the payment in your Account Overview.

  • Payment Review: PayPal is manually reviewing the payment, most likely to minimize and mitigate the possibility of risk or fraud.

  • Regulatory Review: Due to government compliance and regulations, this is usually cleared within 3 business days.

  • Business Upgrade: You must upgrade your account to a Business before you can receive the funds or you have reached the monthly transaction limit.

If none of the mentioned assistance steps doesn't work, please get in touch with PayPal Support.

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