Sellix encourages users to report sellers that are in violation of Sellix's terms of service and/or local applicable law.

Due to our commitment to user privacy and security, whether we open an investigation into the individual seller or not, we will not inform you on the status of our investigation. We urge you to allow us to do our job and determine whether the seller is indeed infringing on our terms of service.

Report a seller in violation of our selling terms

Seller violations are the result of a seller violating the activities posted on the Terms of Service and Prohibited Businesses page.

  1. Email our Risk Operations team here

  2. Send us the shop name and product(s) in violation

  3. Allow us to investigate the claim and proceed with any necessary actions

  4. Do not expect a response as we will not update you on the action, if any taken

Have questions?

If you have any questions, or concerns please reach out to our compliance team at

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