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How do I delete my Sellix account?
How do I delete my Sellix account?

While we're honestly sad to see you go, deleting your account is very simple

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This article will help you go through the process required to request your account or shop be permanently deleted. Your account or shop will be deleted 60 days after you have successfully submitted your deletion request.

Note that in permanently deleting your account or shop you lose the following:

  • The ability to make changes to your shop

  • Personalize your Sellix experience

  • All products and services connected to your shop

  • No longer access your payment transactions

  • Access to the benefits of paid subscriptions

  • Receive email alerts from the Sellix team

What happens when I request the deletion?

After 60 days of your account deletion request, your account and all related information will be permanently deleted. You won't be able to retrieve your information. While we're deleting this information, it won't be accessible to any other users on Sellix.

Can I retrieve this information after 60 days?

No. Once Sellix has deleted the account (after 60 days), your account along with any information related to it cannot be restored.

How do I find my API key?

By registering an account on Sellix, all users are automatically provided with a securely generated API key. This key is used for access to our API and ways to verify who you say you are.

You are able to find or re-generate your API key here: Settings | Sellix.

Deletion of your account or shop and all related data:

If you have no intention of making edits, accessing services, or using our platform now, or ever in the future, you may submit a request to be permanently deleted by sending us your API key and in good faith here.

If your API key is invalid at the time of the deletion, we will not contact you to send us a new API key. Our Risk Operations Team is unable to expedite or otherwise bypass the 60-day restriction.

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