You were absolutely right to come to our help center to find an answer to your question about a recent or upcoming purchase.

First things first, Sellix is a platform and not a marketplace

Sellix is an online e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs, creators, and developers to sell their digital products with ease. Sellix is the middleman, allowing you (as a customer) to purchase safely, and securely as well as a merchant getting paid safely, and securely.

This means that any product listed on or any other subdomain is directly sold by our merchants. This means that you should directly get into contact with the merchant using the "Contact" tab on their official Sellix page or through their preferred communication method.

But this seller is a fraudulent seller, how do I report them?

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any merchants using the Sellix platform to sell, transfer, or host any illicit goods on any scale. Please check out this article to review the steps to report such merchant.

I need to contact Sellix about a potential violation

We're glad you're taking steps to ensure Sellix is a safe and sound platform for all of our users. Your report will be handled through our highest of priority and investigated thoroughly. All reports are private except when required by law.

If a merchant is selling, hosting, or distributing a product that is infringing on your intellectual property, please check out this article to learn more on reporting the violation.

If a merchant is selling a product that is in violation of our terms of service, please check out this article to find out more information on reporting the violation.

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