We understand the difficulty behind starting over, and it's precisely why we offer transfers. On any premium plan, we'll import all positive reviews from any other e-commerce platform.

This is not available with any other e-commerce platform. Migrations are new and 100% exclusive to Sellix shops; you won't find them on any other e-commerce platform.

Requesting a review import/migration

It's simple, contact your dedicated account executive or our support team and provide us with the following information:

  • Previous e-commerce platform you were with

  • Direct link to your profile/username on said e-commerce platform

Before pressing "send", we request that you simply create a public product named "Review Transfer - SLLX". Once you've done that, tap send and we'll migrate it all.

This is only available for businesses on our premium subscriptions.

When can I expect it to be on my Sellix shop?

It may take up to 24-48 hours for a full review transfer, but we guarantee the time and effort put into it will be worth it. You'll be able to continue building that empire through Sellix without rebuilding your reviews.

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