This article is depreciated and will be updated with our new PayPal integration. 

For each sale you make through Sellix with PayPal, the funds are directly sent to the PayPal connected on file.

Linking PayPal with Sellix is extremely easy and gives you the flexibility to decide whether you want to offer one or two payment options to your customers.

To get these connected so you can start getting paid, follow the steps below:

Step One: Navigate to your Payment Settings from the dropdown in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard:

Step Two: Navigate to the PayPal detail area and enter your PayPal email:

Step Three: Toggle any settings that would assist your shop combat fraud.

Force PayPal email means that the product will be sent to the customers PayPal email, not the email they inputted.

Accepting credit cards with PayPal allows your customers to pay with their card instead of their PayPal balance.

Learn more about Fraud Prevention with Sellix here.

Step Four: Let the money roll in after clicking on Save Settings. (of course by selling your digital goods!)

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