Review Dispute Guidelines

Learn more about how Sellix-powered businesses can combat false and inaccurate reviews

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Building reputation for any business is an important factor in helping construct a safe environment for buyers, as well as growing said business.

For this reason, we always want your reviews to properly reflect the service you provide to your buyers. In select situations, we will revise feedback where we find out that you were not at fault.

What's eligible for a dispute?

In cases where these guidelines have been infringed, the following can be removed:

  • Contains personally identifiable information (such as email, phone number, physical address, etc)

  • Late delivery was a direct result of a Sellix site issue or error

  • We instruct you to hold the delivery or take action to cancel the transaction

  • Invoice has been refunded/replaced and/or sent a new replacement

  • At the sole discretion of our Risk Operations Team

Not eligible for removal

The following reviews aren't eligible for removal under any circumstance:

  • Containing profanity, or a form of disrespect

  • Product hasn't been delivered or delivered late

  • At the sole discretion of our Risk Operations Team

How do I dispute a review?

You are able to dispute a review directly from your feedback dashboard.

Please allow up to 24 hours for a response, or action, if any to be taken against the disputed review.

In any and all cases, Risk Operations takes a neutral, impartial view of all disputed reviews. All decisions are final and cannot be appealed once more.

Disputing reviews are only available for businesses on our Premium plans.

Why does Sellix have this guideline?

Sellix implemented this guideline to ensure the validity of claims brought up by buyers to keep the Sellix platform safe for businesses.

Sellix-powered businesses are a staple to this community, and in order to grow, we need to develop ways to protect our businesses in cases where we can operate within our own boundaries.

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