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Optimize your fraud shield settings
Optimize your fraud shield settings

All with our next-gen fraud prevention for Sellix-powered businesses with advanced rules and automation

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It's time platforms that fail to protect your integrity as a digital entrepreneur. Sellix ensures the stability and security of your products all day, all night. Stop blocking legitimate customers, and start blocking fraudulent customers.

What is Fraud Shield?

Our fraud prevention software detection system values your customers and generates a fraud score from 0 to 100, where 100 means that the customer is trying to fraudulently purchase a product.

Our suggested values for your products are:

  • 0 to block all transactions

  • 25 to block low-risk transactions

  • 50 to block medium-risk transactions

  • 75 to block suspicious transactions

  • 85 to block high-risk transactions

You can easily edit your fraud settings for all of your products through the update products page.

Our fraud shield rules are forced-enabled for businesses processing payments with Stripe.

If one of your customers receives the error message "Transaction flagged as potential fraud (FLAG_ID)" it simply means that their fraud score has scored above what you have set for your products. Congratulations, our fraud shield help prevent a potential high-risk customer.

Fraud Shield is broken, what do I do?

If you believe that the Sellix fraud prevention system returned an error for your customers, please contact us and provide us with the FLAG_ID (random string in between the parentheses) and we'll take a closer look into it.

How do I disable Fraud Shield?

If you wish to disable our fraud detection system, set the maximum score to 100.

Please note that by doing this, PayPal will see and flag your risky transactions. It may decrease the trust in your PayPal account and thus have a higher chance of being placed under limitation.

By disabling our fraud detection system you will also be open to chargebacks and PayPal disputes, as many are blocked by our system every, single, day.

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