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How do I integrate Crisp's live chat?
How do I integrate Crisp's live chat?

Discover how to integrate a live chat into your Sellix shop

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Crisp is a messaging app that allows you to chat with your customers for free*. Crisp has some nice features such as notifications, teams, and mobile apps.

*Crisp comes with a free plan, however, their pricing goes up to $95/month.

Do I need a Crisp account?

Yes, you'll have to create a free account in order to customize and integrate the live chat on your shop. When creating the account, you will go through a small setup that allows you to choose the domain name - which has to be (or your custom domain) - and the website name.

How do I connect Crisp to Sellix?

Make sure to verify your email address before proceeding. After creating your Crisp account, check the bottom right part of the dashboard and go on Settings > Website Settings > Settings as shown in the screenshot below:

From now on, all you need to do is copy the website ID and paste it on Sellix.

While still on Crisp's website settings, select "Setup Instructions", copy the website ID and go back to Sellix. Visit your dashboard, click your profile icon and go to Settings > Shop > Design > Crisp Website ID and then paste the ID as shown below:

Save the settings, refresh your shop page and keep Crisp open. That's it! If you have any issues or questions regarding the live chat or any features provided by Crisp, please visit their Help Center or contact them directly.

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