What is Sellix?

Sellix is the most powerful (and easiest) platform to sell digital goods online

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Sellix is a powerful ecommerce solution built for digital entrepreneurs which includes everything you need to create, grow, and manage an online store. We're here to empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

With Sellix, entrepreneurs can deliver products more effectively, connect major software tools and services for growth, and offer the international support to customers — all within a secure environment.

Your Sellix shop

A Sellix store is your storefront, where customers can navigate to purchase your products, contact you or even review your feedback. Keep reading to learn about key features of Sellix.

At it's core, Sellix was developed to operate as the logistics operations center of your digital empire. You upload your products and we take care of it left and right, up and down, 24/7.

Experience the true meaning of peace of mind operations. Get started for free.

Powered by our fraud prevention software Fraud Shield, Sellix ensures the stability and security of your products all day, all night. Stop blocking legitimate customers, and start blocking fraudulent customers.

Ditch platforms that fail to protect your integrity as a digital entrepreneur. We use world-class software to power our security apparatus as well as using protection that scales with you.

Accept payments from all over the world with key gateways that power the world of money. Including PayPal, Stripe, CashApp, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more. Learn more about our fees.

Sellix's pricing plans

One platform for you and your entire digital team. Free for personal use.

0/m - Starter
Free for individuals and small businesses trying out Sellix for an unlimited period.

29/m - Pro
For organizing every part of your business and beyond, namely "The CEO".

199/m - Business

Everything you need to manage, scale, and operate a growing e-commerce business, you're the true Tycoon.

Our mission is not only to give growing entrepreneurs, creators, and developers access to the powerful tools used by big businesses, but to do it in a way that is time-efficient, simple to use, and easy to grow.

The right plan for every business: Learn more about Sellix’s pricing.

Get started with Sellix

Does your company already use Sellix?

Can I use my own domain name with Sellix?

Yes, you can use your own domain name with Sellix. Learn more about custom domains.

Ready to keep learning?

Find detailed how-to articles in our Help Center (hey, you’re already here!).

Learn more about Sellix

With Sellix, you can:

  • Sell all types of digital goods and not just files. We can handle videos, serials, dynamics, services, and more!

  • Receive automatic alerts for chosen actions such as new edits being made to a product or a new order - you don't have to receive thousands of emails.

  • Sellix offers integrations with Google Analytics, Crisp Chat, Discord, and much more innovative software's.

  • Protect yourself from fraudulent buyers with Fraud Shield. Using data points to protect you from known fraudsters.

  • Keep operations running with guaranteed premium support within 30 minutes.

We built Sellix to bring all these features into one, cohesive application. Get started for free.

In what countries can I use Sellix?

You can use Sellix in nearly every country in the world.

Do I need to deliver items myself?

No, you don’t need to deliver items yourself. The wonders of Sellix takes care of it all. We setup automated deliveries, tracking information, replacement management, email notifications and much more to keep your business flowing.

What is a third-party payment processor?

A third-party payment processor (also knows as a payment provider or payment gateway) lets you accept online payments. Learn more about what gateways we support.

What are you waiting for?

Open a free online store and experience the difference in your workflow, revenue and overall success.

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