Product types allow you to manage the stock and delivery of your products. They are the glue between your products/services and your customers. There are four product types:

  • File: can be used with any kind of file such as ebooks, softwares and much more. Your customers will receive the file you uploaded in the product page.

  • Serials: can be used to sell accounts, licenses, keys, gift cards etc. Your customers will receive one unit of your product. Make sure to select a delimiter when setting the Product Type as "Serials". The delimiter can be a new line, a comma or any other customer character.

  • Service: can be used to sell anything that requires manual delivery. When setting the Product Type as "Service", your customers will receive the "Service Info" you specified in the product page. It can be anything, from a link to your contact information.

  • Dynamic: useful when using Webhooks. If you wish to know more about Dynamic Products, please refer to the Developers Documentation.

How can I set the Product Type?

Visit the Sellix Dashboard, go on Products > All Products, select an existing product or create a new one. When editing a product, scroll down until you see "Product Stock". From this section, you will be able to select the Type, add your products, set the stock delimiter, the minimum and maximum quantity.

Click the drop-down list under "Type" as shown below:

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