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How do I reset my password?
How do I reset my password?

Retrieving forgotten passwords with Sellix is simple and here's how

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Issues with signing in may ultimately be that you inputted the wrong password. Try to retype your password to the best of your ability before continuing.

Reset Your Password

To reset your password, please request a password reset email by clicking this link.

The email should arrive within a minute and contain a link that will bring you to the page where you'll be asked to create a new password.

If you’re not getting the email, please try these two steps:

  1. Check your spam or junk folder for the email with the verification code

  2. Try whitelisting the following email address to your email contact list and then send yourself a confirmation email again: and try again

If you've received the code, but it's invalid

In rare cases, the reset password process generates a batch of corrupt keys. This is extremely rare, but if you suspect that this is the case, we advise you to not try to use the same reset twice, as it will only state it is invalid a second time.

Instead, please wait 24 hours then request another confirmation code.

Once you receive a new confirmation code:

  • Copy the reset URL from the email

  • Paste it into your browser's address bar to visit it manually instead of clicking the link to open your browser automatically

  • Try using a different browser or internet connection

  • If you have waited 24 hours and tried manually visiting the URL and you still experience this issue, please contact us

Third-Party OAuth

If you registered using Google or any other third-party OAuth as a sign-up method, you won’t be able to reset your password. Instead, please sign in with the third-party option at

We are unable to reset your account if you registered via a third-party method.

Account Support

If you lost access to your account and are requesting a manual intervention, please contact us directly from the email connected to the account.

We'll do our best to help recover your account. In the event that your account has OTP enabled, we won't be able to intervene or otherwise release the account to your new email. This is for security and safety precautions.

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