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Efficiently respond to a PayPal dispute
Efficiently respond to a PayPal dispute

Responding to disputes can be tedious, we'll help you respond to them in a time-efficient way.

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We understand that there are fraudulent buyers out there and will always open a dispute no matter the service/product delivered. I'll go over ways on how you can respond or otherwise protect yourself from disputes.

Start with the basics

To begin with, only provide useful information to PayPal, you do not need to mention which product you are selling, or why you are selling it.

Instead, you can mention that your product is classified as a digital good. To also support the classification, you could provide our tracking page for each one of your orders (

Take a step back and understand the situation

After that, you can explain to them the situation (eg. the customer has opened 2 chargebacks for no valid reason) along with any detail you deem necessary.

Explain to them that your customer has received the product and an email by us ( and that the customer agreed to your terms upon purchase.

You can also provide additional information on how these things happened to you in the past if that's the case. Learn more about responding to PayPal disputes.

Next steps and beyond

I am afraid we can not assist you any further with anything related to PayPal disputes.

However, you are able to take advantage of our fraud prevention software - named Fraud Shield which takes the guesswork out of protection and operates 24/7, day and night allowing you to grow as a business with minimal disputes.

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