Scheduled and Instant payouts

Understanding how Sellix processes payouts

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Getting paid on Sellix as a seller is simple. When a buyer purchases one of your items, you'll receive the funds in your account for payouts. You can track all of your payouts in the Payout pool tab in your dashboard.

Please note that Sellix Payouts are only available for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Managing payout schedule

Sellix uses Scheduled Payouts to group and send multiple received transactions at once to highly reduce fees and costs.

You have the option of changing your payout settings to be sent out daily, weekly, or monthly here.

How do payouts work?

  • After a buyer pays for an item you sold, the funds minus fees will show in your Payout pool, which ​means the payment is confirmed

  • The funds will typically appear as Available for payout within 1 business day (or the choosing of your payout time) from payment confirmation, unless the transaction was placed on hold, in which case it may take longer

  • With Scheduled Payouts, you can save up to 40% compared to normal receive-and-send transactions for your orders.

This timeline is similar to the time it can take a credit card company to process your payments.. After the payout is initiated, the funds are no longer with Sellix.

Sellix does not earn interest on any seller funds.


One single transaction with two outputs and one input has a size of ~ 250.
Sending two different transactions would have a size of ~ 500.
Let's take as an example 40 different transactions, it would result in a size of 10000.

With multi inputs/outputs transactions we would have a transaction size of ~ (40*180 + 2*34) === 7268.

The total save in this case is of 2732 which at the current Bitcoin: 0.00000001 * 25 (average fee_rate) * 2732 = 0.000683 -> ~ $25.45.

With a maximum of $81.45 for priority transactions.

What about non-crypto purchases?

If customers pay using third-party payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and CashApp, you won't see your payout information in your Sellix payout pool.

Third-party payment providers have their own ways of displaying your payouts. Check with your third-party payment provider to find out how they display payout information.

Instant Payouts

Instant Payouts are only available on average-valued orders to prevent small platform fees being sent.

You have the option of setting up Instant Payouts here.

Please do note that minimum amount thresholds are set to allow us to send you the payout without our wallet exploding. This may happen due to too many small transactions.

Current minimum threshold for payouts are as followed:
Bitcoin is $55 USD, Bitcoin Cash is $15.00 USD, Litecoin is $15.00 USD.

View all transactions

Clicking Orders on the dashboard lists all transactions associated with all of your payments from customers.

Transactions share the same status as payouts with the addition of the Pending status. Transactions marked as Pending are for sales that you've made, but that haven't been sent out yet.

Failed payouts and more

Sometimes payouts may fail. Usually this is because there is an issue with the wallet address that you have on file. When a payout fails, you will receive an email from us. Until the issue with your wallet, the payment, or it's status is resolved, a hold is placed on all your scheduled payouts.

Should you be able to successfully address all of the concerns outlined in the email, you are able to request a manual payout.

What do I do if my payout was held by Sellix Security?

If you received a notification that your payout was withheld, this only means that we want to protect both you and the buyer while playing it safe. This does not necessarily mean that your account has been hacked or compromised.

This in itself means that the product purchased was flagged by our internal system for further investigation. Please reach out to our security team with the invoice id so we can work with you throughout this process.

Note: You won't be banned or striked for having a payout withheld. However, if the products that triggered our system are in violation of our terms, we may impose restrictions as stated in our policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't receive my payout?

A: Get in contact with our support team and explain everything in detail. We also expect you to send us the order id connected to the payout not sent.

I just made my first sale, where is my payout?

Payouts are sent out Weekly, by default. You will always receive your payout by Sunday at 00:00 UTC. If you have it set as Instant, please review this. If you have it set as Manual, please review this.

What do I do if my order is completed, but I never received my payout?

If an order was marked complete, you should expect to view the log of the payout (if sent) in the section.

Still have some questions about payouts? Feel free to get in touch with our Payments Integrity team at (or click the icon below to chat with us!). 😃

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