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I never received my crypto payout. What happened?
I never received my crypto payout. What happened?

Information detailing potential issues with your crypto payout

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Please do note that you should be able to view the status of your payout whenever you wish through your Payouts Dashboard.

This page features an organized way to check our Service Health and limits in regard of Crypto Invoices.

On the left a full view of completed invoices is available, tagged by SCHEDULED or INSTANT based on their payout status. On the right the limits and amounts that we use to flag invoices as either SCHEDULED or INSTANT are displayed along with service health details.

If, after reading every necessary info, the situation for an invoice isn't clear the Check Invoice button will be used, which returns a full detailed and live status regarding the invoice's payout status and/or its transactions.

Still having issues?

If you still cannot find out as to why your crypto payout has yet to be paid out, please read the potential problems below.

Problem #1: High transaction fees

From time to time, some of our customers may experience degraded activity in regards to cryptocurrency payouts. These delays should not take longer than 48 hours as they are caused by extremely high transaction fees.

Once transaction fees are lowered, crypto payouts will be paid out automatically and continue as scheduled.

Adding to that, we do not send payouts where the total-fee would be less than 40%.

Problem #2: Payout delays

Wherever possible and payout traffic is low, we perform maintenance to up the performance of our crypto nodes. Payouts may be delayed for 24 hours during this period.

After maintenance, whether planned or emergency is completed all payouts will be back to normal. Instant payouts will be processed within hours after invoice completion. recent issue with our Ethereum Node, payouts will be delayed for 24hours.

Please note that this does not affect invoices: transactions will be received and invoices marked as completed without any issue.

If you've exhausted all of our resources to assist you in regards to your crypto payout not being sent out, please contact our payments team.

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