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Sellix Trusted Advisor

Help customers when purchasing from unknown merchants.

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If you are a customer and looking to purchase a digital good from a Sellix branded merchant, a merchant who uses Sellix without his domain and theme, we offer the Sellix Trusted Advisor page to avoid possible scams.

The trusted advisor page offers six different metrics to evaluate a business:

  • Identity Verified

    When green, the merchant has verified its identity and details to Sellix. Verified businesses have gone through an address and document validation phase, which confirms their identity and the uniqueness of the merchant.

  • Sales in the latest period

    This metric considers the number of sales this business had in the last 14 days. High and Medium sales mean that the store has been proactively selling goods daily at least one order.

  • Feedback appealed ratio

    Considers the merchant's feedback and how many have been appealed (either removed or contested).

  • Feedback score

    The feedback score helps customers understand whether or not this business has had positive feedback recently, meaning that every customer purchased a valid good.

  • Chargeback gateways

    If red, this merchant does not accept any payment method with a chargeback functionality. For example, Cryptocurrencies and Cash App cannot accept refunds due to their nature. So proceed with caution and be sure that you know what you're buying.

Be advised: you should take these metrics at your discretion; Sellix does not guarantee with 100% certainty that, even in the case of the metrics being all green, a business will provide the service as expected.

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