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How can I improve my Trusted Advisor details?
How can I improve my Trusted Advisor details?

Are you a merchant looking to improve your Sellix Trusted Advisor section when using our brand to conduct business? Take a look here.

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Before starting, the Trusted Advisor page is displayed only when you are

  • Using the Sellix logo on your page

  • Selling through a subdomain (

  • Using our default Sellix branded theme experience instead of your customized theme

How can I disable Trusted Advisor from showing on my store?

Why have we released the Trusted Advisor page?

Unfortunately, as much as we know that many good businesses and individuals want to use our platform to easily grow and sell digital goods, scammers who only accept cryptocurrencies for their orders are increasing.

To fight against such issues, we have decided to release a summary of the publicly available metrics on a merchant using our brand to sell their goods online.

The Trusted Advisor not only helps us clear our brand from the public, but it also helps you to attract customer loyalty based on your trustfulness.

Furthermore, to let your customers know that you are a trusted figure on our platform, avoid questions such as "how do I know this store is not fake?".

How can I improve my Trust Score?

  • Identity Verified

    Please verify your identity on your dashboard settings to create a profile and confirm you are a valid business owner or individual figure.

  • Latest sales

    Stay active on our platform; by selling goods and making orders, we know that you are an active merchant and proactively answer feedback, queries and selling goods.

  • Appeal ratio

    Do not appeal to every feedback just because you might not like them. For example, 3 or 4 stars feedback are suitable for your business; when customers see them, they'll see that your feedback page is actual. No one is perfect.

  • Feedback score

    Help your customers when they purchase from you and ask them to leave positive feedback at the end of their experience.

  • Chargeback gateways

    Accepting only cryptocurrencies might be a shady practice as we cannot process refunds due to their nature. If your business must accept only cryptocurrencies and you need to use our branded experience, get in touch with us and tell us more about it.

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