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Deprecating /:storeName links
Deprecating /:storeName links

Starting in march store links following the /:storeName format will be deprecated in favor of

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Sellix aims to provide the best possible experience to its merchants: free, pro and businesses alike.

What's happening

Starting in March, we will completely deprecate old store links ( in favour of Sellix subdomains, available to every merchant for free (

How we will handle it

During the period that goes from February 2022 to March 2022, we will automatically redirect your customers to your Sellix subdomain URL with a permanent 301 response.

Why are we doing it

Moving every store to customizable subdomains enables us to improve our and your SEO score for your pages and automatically enable customization for premium merchants.

What should you do

Let your customers know that they will not be able to connect to your online store through the usual link but have to use the Sellix subdomain ( instead.

Replace any reference of the old link on your page, should you have any.

What happens after March

Redirects will no longer work; instead, we will show a 404 page if you try to reach a page not indexed and managed by us; you will be able to serve your store only through Sellix subdomains or your custom domain.

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