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What are payment statuses, and what do they mean?
What are payment statuses, and what do they mean?

Our own internal dictionary for the different statuses of payments for invoices.

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With so much complexity behind selling digital products online, we've worked to build a unified platform that allows entrepreneurs to create a product, showcase their product, capture a payment, receive their payout, deliver the product, handle the dispute processes, and all refund operations.

On Sellix, invoices paid with Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, etc or through traditional payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, CashApp, etc all have different levels of payment statuses. Here's exactly what they are, and what they mean.

  • Pending - This is the beginning of the status of your customer's payment. Each invoice has a pending period of 4 hours (2-14 days for Pay Later options).

  • Partial - Cryptocurrencies: Your customer may have sent half of the payment or transaction fees

  • Completed - The status that we're all used to. The payment has succeeded and the product has been delivered to the customer. Great sale!

  • Canceled - Unfortunately this means that your customer did not send the payment within the 4 hour pending period.

  • Product Sold Out - This simply means you don't have enough stock to complete the order. Once you've restocked the product, you can queue up the system to complete the order.

  • Confirmation - Cryptocurrencies: Our system is waiting for the number of confirmations on the blockchain that was set and required by your rules.

  • Shop Action - Business Feature: CashApp requires you to accept/decline the payment on your end. Once you've successfully completed any action, we'll complete/cancel the order.

  • Reversed - The payment has been reversed via a successful dispute or through intervention by Sellix Support.

  • Refunded - The payment has been refunded via your dashboard or through intervention by Sellix Support.

  • Ongoing Dispute - Your customer opened a dispute on your payment and you are required to take action within the respective platform.

We believe that these statuses only simplify the process of selling digital products online not only for your, the business, but for customers as well.

All of your customers have access to a Track page. This page, similar to order shipment pages, allow them to view the status of their order and stays with them throughout their entire experience.

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