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Requesting additional customer details like name, surname and address
Requesting additional customer details like name, surname and address

Do you need more data than just the customer email? Maybe the Name, Surname or even the legal information about a company, let's see how.

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Sellix standard checkout

By default, we only require your customers to input their email in order to receive order confirmation emails from our system.

However, there might be occasions where you want them to provide more details about their persona or business; let's see how you can do that with Sellix's custom fields.

Custom Fields

You can configure a product's custom fields during the product creation, whilst editing a product or by using our utils section, which enables you to update multiple products with one click.

Custom fields are the perfect and managed way to require your customers to input additional details, anything you might deem necessary for them to continue with the checkout.

In the example above, we can see how you can easily request your clients to provide Name, Surname, Country, Address and even a custom message to you during the checkout phase (see next photo).

The custom fields are then shown both on the invoice page and can be queried through our developers api, enabling you to fully customize the experience of your customers!

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