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How do I create an upsell product page?
How do I create an upsell product page?

Bundle products together and introduce easy 1-click conversions before checkout

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Ever notice how easy it is for Amazon to get you to add another product to your cart? Or when you buy a pack of gum at the register?

Upselling your digital products through Sellix will help you maximize profits, even with products that aren't selling.

To create an upsell product page, you'll first need to have multiple products. Create a new product by clicking here.

Once you've created two (2) products at a minimum, follow the steps below:

  1. If you don't have any bundle created, tap on "Add Bundle".

  2. Once you're redirected to create a new bundle, enter a bundle name, add the products, and choose the discount type & amount.

  3. Save your bundle and head over to your product page to view a demo.

... and you're done! Sit back, open up a tropical drink, and wait to see the effect of 1-click upsells.

Ready to sell? Sellix is building the future of digital e-commerce. Start Upselling your digital products in under 2 minutes, and create your e-commerce empire.

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