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How do I create a warranty for my digital product?
How do I create a warranty for my digital product?

Custom warranties for your products build a bridge of trust with your customers

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It's become standard that businesses have a refund policy, or otherwise, a buyer protection program. At Sellix, we've simplified this process by introducing a built-in warranty system for your business.

Businesses are able to customize the warranty times from 15 minutes, up to a lifetime of protection.

To create a warranty for your digital product, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard's product edit page, or create a new product by clicking here.

  2. Scroll down to the "Additional Details" section and tap on the warranty dropdown.

  3. Choose your warranty period and describe what's protected.

  4. Tap on the "Save Changes" button for the product edit changes to go live.

... and you're done!

Ready to sell? Sellix is building the future of digital e-commerce. Start selling your digital products in under 2 minutes by introducing buyer protection, and create your e-commerce empire.

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