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The transaction has been used for another invoice already, what can I do?
The transaction has been used for another invoice already, what can I do?

Why are you seeing this error and what are the next steps.

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What does it mean

If you're receiving the error "The transaction has been used for another invoice already: {invoice Id}", it means that your customer sent the transaction after the invoice time window expired (which usually is 30m + 15m of grace period) and that same transaction was used to confirm another invoice created after the original one expired.

Why does Sellix reuse addresses

We re-use addresses in order to keep fees as low as possible. For example, if we were to not reuse addresses on the Ethereum network you would be paying hundreds of dollars at each payout.

30 minutes is not enough, it should be more time!

We are aware that 30 minutes might seem a very small payment window, however, it's more than enough to broadcast a transaction. In fact, we wait up to 12 hours for transaction confirmations, we only require the transaction itself to be broadcasted within 30 minutes.

This low time window is required, along with the address reusability system, to keep transaction fees low and thus reduce fees for merchant payouts across the Sellix platform.

Other providers such as Coinbase, Binance and Bitrefill have even lower payment windows of 10-15 minutes for certain types of invoices; we're doing our best to provide the optimal experience to your customers whilst also cutting down on payout costs.

So.. what can I do?

First and foremost, to avoid this in the future, we highly suggest instructing your customers to send the payment as soon as possible.

The next steps depend on the cryptocurrency used for the invoice

Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tron, USDT, USDC

Unfortunately, in these cases, a refund is not possible.

The transaction is completely lost and the invoice cannot be processed. If the merchant were to process it, he would not receive any payout for it.

Other cryptocurrencies

If the invoice was paid using another cryptocurrency, the transaction has been sent directly to the merchant's receiving address - meaning the amount is not lost, even if it could have been used for another invoice.

This means that it's now up to the merchant to process the order or not, at the same time the merchant should take into consideration the fact that he will receive the full amount, but another invoice might have been processed as well.

Closing up

If you are a customer, we are very sorry for any loss you might've had with this order. However, we suggest you use this information to your advantage in order to make sure such issues do not happen again in the future.

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