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How to automate tasks with Zapier on Sellix
How to automate tasks with Zapier on Sellix

Step by step guide on connecting your Zapier account to Sellix, creating Zap and automating anything you might need.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier provides workflows to automate the use of web applications together, helping to increase worker productivity by saving time through automation of recurring tasks, and business processes such as lead management. For example, when a new invoice is generated after a Sellix invoice is completed, that lead can be automatically entered into Salesforce and assigned to a sales representative. Additional team members can be alerted through Slack and the team lead can receive an email notification when the new lead has been contacted.

How to get started

First off, you need to connect our Zapier integration. You can do so by either going to our App Store or by clicking the button below.

Create a Zap

The next step is to create a Zap on Zapier, we'll provide you with an example to process Order Paid events.

1. Create the Zap

Create an "Order Paid" Zap

2. Connect your Sellix account (if not done already)

3. You can skip the trigger test function if you have not sent any previous order to Zapier

4. Connect it with the app you want

Now, we need to send data to Zapier

Go back to the Sellix dashboard and visit the Webhooks page, here we will need to set up the events for which we want to send data to Zapier.

Create the webhook, and then you're done! Future orders that get completed will be automatically sent to Zapier and will trigger your integration.

Need anything else?

Do not hesitate to contact our support team for any issue you might have.

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