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I have not received my Ethereum/Binance/Tron/USDT/USDC payout
I have not received my Ethereum/Binance/Tron/USDT/USDC payout

What to do if you have received an email with a payout confirmation but no transactions appear in your wallet?

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How to recognize a payout ID

  • Ethereum: eth_1234-example-payout

  • Binance Coin: bnb_1234-example-payout

  • Tron: trx_1234-example-payout

  • USDT/USDC ERC20: erc20_1234-example-payout

  • USDT/USDC BEP20: bep20_1234-example-payout

  • USDT TRC20: trc20_1234-example-payout

  • Polygon: matic_1234-example-payout

If you have received a payout email, the payout has been sent successfully

When the transaction has been sent, we send out emails of payout broadcasts, which means that it's now the time to figure out how you can see it in your wallet.

Internal transactions

For Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tron and Stablecoins, we use Smart Contracts to process your payouts.

Smart Contracts are used to pool transactions from every merchant and highly reduce fees. Still, it also means that transactions over the blockchain are broadcasted as internal transactions rather than standard transfers.

To see them, you must use the "Internal Txns" tab of Etherscan and Bscscan and the "Transfers" tab of Tronscan.

In the case of Stablecoins, the tab used should be "Erc20 Token Txns" or "Bep20 Token Txns".

The transaction does not appear in my wallet. What can I do?

Internal transactions, despite the name, are not actual transactions. When two Smart Contracts "interact," the product or consequence of this interaction is a transaction. However, that transaction does not exist on the ETH blockchain. Instead, they are value transfers initiated by executing a smart contract (Smart Contract Ether or token transfer).

This means that some wallets, such as Trezor, might not display them in your transactions history. However, the total amount received is completely spendable and should be reflected in your wallet balance.

Should you have any issues with it, please get in touch with their support directly, as they might be able to provide you with additional information about it.

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