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What is the Trustpilot email?
What is the Trustpilot email?

Learn how to integrate your Trustpilot business account to get reviews from your customers automatically.

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Trustpilot email? What is the Trustpilot AFS

Trustpilot's help article describes that Automatic Feedback Service (or AFS, for short) is the easiest way to invite your customers to leave a review. AFS automatically sends review invitations to your customers after they purchase or have a service experience with your business.

With AFS, you'll receive more reviews and better insight into your customers' thoughts. You can then use those insights to improve customer satisfaction.

How to get your Trustpilot email

  1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Get Reviews > Automatic Feedback Service.

  2. You'll see your unique Trustpilot email address. You can copy it by clicking Copy email address.

  3. Now, set it in your Sellix general shop settings in the "Trustpilot Email" field. We will automatically take care of adding it to the BCC email field during order deliveries for your customers!

  4. Done.

Do you still need help?

You can reach out to us at or through the live chat on site.

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