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A quick overview of Customization by Sellix that is available to all businesses for free

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What's that?

The current theme editor that we have has only a few configuration options available. We're working on a completely new set of features to revolutionize your Business website and let us handle everything.

Introducing the new theme builder

By the end of October, Sellix will feature a completely new design as well as a new editor for your Store.

You will be able to select from more than one theme which will be developed by Sellix or ask your developer team to create your website from scratch on our platform.

Free, Pro, Business alike

This brand new update will be accessible by every Sellix user, doesn't matter the plan they're on.

However, page indexing and custom domains will only be available to Pro and Business users, free users will still be able to completely edit the SEO for their pages.

Easiness of the visual editor

The theme builder will have a section where you're able to customize from the ground up the theme you choose.

From fonts, images, backgrounds, colors and sizes to anything else you can think of.

Simply hover the element, choose its configuration and you're done.

Code it from scratch

If you are a developer or have access to your developer theme, you can create your website from the ground up entirely using our platform.

Adding new pages and menus that are not available on the default theme or creating a theme of your own.

SEO, metadata, pages and navigation

Sellix currently lacks options on the SEO side; well, that will not be an issue anymore. You will be able to choose images, titles and descriptions for any of your pages yourself through an easy UI or code it yourself in the theme.

Furthermore, you can add with a few clicks any menu you'd like to appear on your store.


This new customization feature is currently in open BETA and set to release within October, you can join it now by reaching out to us in our discord server in the ⌛︱beta-applications channel.

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