How Sellix protects your serials

A deep dive into the new infrastructure to keep serials and store products safe from third parties

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What do we mean by "Serials"?

A serial is a type of product that our platform enables you to sell.

Serials can be accounts for your platform, activation keys for your software, ticket IDs and anything else that can be sold in a string format.

Incredible numbers

We have stored, processed and deleted more than 231.412.836 unique serials. That's right, over 231 million lines of products have gone through our platform 24/7.

Which then begs the question, how do we keep them safe?

Our new infrastructure

Following past issues reported by merchants, we decided to overhaul our serials system to add a layer of security for all products.

Today, every serial uploaded on our platform is encrypted on our secondary database, which is only reachable through our internal networks and not publicly, thanks to our AWS infrastructure.

Additionally, after being purchased, serials are entirely removed from the product object on our API and any record is wiped to avoid displaying them should an opposing party take over your Sellix account; we have added additional measures to limit the number of invoices which can be automatically retrieved through our API as well to prevent any possible automation on that front.

A look at the future

We will keep improving our delivery and storage system for serials and any other product type we offer to provide the best possible experience to your customers whilst securing your business in the most effective way.

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