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How to edit link preview texts and images for your store
How to edit link preview texts and images for your store

What if i want a custom image for my store page? How about the contact page? Take a look at this article to customize title and description.

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What's a link preview?

The link preview and metadata are what appears when you share your link on socials or other websites. In our example, they are the Image, Title and Description that you can see appearing above.

How can I change them?

We offer customizability for every single aspect of your business. Every page hosted on Sellix has its own options for the whole SEO set. Let's see now how to update them.

Go to Pages

Select the page you'd like to update

You can customize multiple types of metadata

From standard ones to Open Graph and Twitter, with Robots as well.

Each text can use our wide set of variables, you can find them on the documentation page, we also have helper functions such as cdn_link.

If you want to change the image of the preview link, you can either use a customized expression or simply set an image URL.

Do you still need help?

Get in touch with our support to get further help!

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