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How the discord integration works
How the discord integration works

Configure your products to let customers connect their discord account, set custom roles and invite them to your server.

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On your dashboard

Create or edit a product

Go to the Discord Integration

Connect your Discord account

Once connected, refresh the page or continue where you've been redirected to, your Discord token has now been saved on Sellix

Configure the final options, selecting Server and, if needed, Role


Your customers will now be automatically added to your Discord server and, if configured, assigned a role.

You can continue reading to see how the process appears for buyers in your store.

On storefronts

Checkout phase

During the product checkout, your customers will be prompted with a "Connect your Discord account" button, which is required to proceed with the purchase.

Once clicked and when they went through with it, they'll be able to proceed with the payment. Should they try to fake their discord code, they will be prompted with an error.

On invoices

Custom fields

We will, automatically, provide you with the Discord username and Discord user ID of the customer that has gone through your Discord integration.

These details will be added to the custom fields and you will be sent with the payload on webhooks as well.

Have further questions?

Reach out to us at or through the live-chat.

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