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Tax settings
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When charging sales tax to customers, businesses have the option to set certain settings to optimize the reporting and presentation of those taxes. Sellix supports two options for taxes being displayed on storefronts.

Inclusive Pricing

If you've already factored in the pricing of your product for global tax rates, this setting will best fit as your customer will only pay for their product as-is.

Exclusive Pricing

For businesses with add-on taxes, this option is best for you. Based on the customer's location, we'll automatically charge taxes that will be available as an add-on charge during checkout.

Note: Sellix Support does not offer financial advice. We recommend speaking with an accountant for tax-specific questions.

Storefront Display Settings

Building relationships with customers may require showing final pricing upfront, setting specific rates for companies, and automatically confirming VAT numbers. With Sellix, we take care of it all.

  1. Display tax on your storefront: tax percent (%) will be available on product cards.

  2. Display tax on custom fields: require individual/company toggles such as full name and address.

  3. Company validation: request additional tax details for individuals that select "Company".

  4. VAT number validation: automatically confirms the status of the VAT number provided.

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