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Digital product taxes
Digital product taxes
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Sellix is an e-commerce platform built with a focus on digital products. If you're selling anything digital, such as downloadable content or any electronically supplied product, can be classified as a digital product.

Customers living in the European Union (EU) are required to pay a value-added tax (VAT) on digital products with the rate set in their own country, i.e. Italy at 22.00%. Some jurisdictions across the globe may not require additional taxes for digital products. Be sure to contact a local tax advisor for more information.

Location-based Tax

Sellix automatically calculates VAT percentages for customers based in the European Union (EU). To learn more and set up custom taxes, check out:

Customer Evidence

Some tax authorities may require businesses that sell digital products to collect and save two pieces of information tied to that purchase. Sellix automatically provides you with the billing address (if provided through 3rd party processors) and the customer's IP address.

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