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Underpaid cryptocurrency payments
Underpaid cryptocurrency payments
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When accepting crypto payments online, some customers may send a penny or a couple of dollars less than the required amount to complete the payment. This is an overhead issue for businesses across the board.

Sellix automates the entire payment experience to enhance conversions.

We strongly recommend enabling transaction thresholds to reduce the cost of scaling your support team to manually review payments and orders that were brought to your attention.

Transaction Thresholds

To set up the maximum percent (0% - 15%) below the required payment total price (ex. $20), you'll have to set it on this page. Here's how to set that maximum:

  • Navigate to your Sellix dashboard then go to your cryptocurrency settings.

  • Scroll down to "Transaction Threshold" and set the maximum percent.

Save the threshold and you're set! Payments below that percent will automatically be processed. This helps reduce operational costs for businesses that manually review each payment and frees up potentially clogged support resources.


Whether or not businesses receive the full payment amount, Sellix will always send the payout with their scheduled payout batch. This gives businesses the opportunity to go forward with product delivery or refund the customer the full payment (minus transaction fees).

For underpaid cryptocurrency payments that are refunded to customers, Sellix will not refund processing fees for those transactions.

For more information about overpaid crypto payments, feel free to review this help article.

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