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Overpaid cryptocurrency payments
Overpaid cryptocurrency payments
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For some businesses accepting crypto payments online, understanding whether or not they'd receive the full payment if a customer sends a couple of dollars over the required amount is an important question to have answered.


If a payment is sent below or above the payment price (ex. $20), Sellix will automatically send the payment to the business. If a customer sends $25.00 or $50.00, those payments will be sent out with your payout batch.

Sellix will continue to process the payment and collect its fee in accordance with the pricing package for your specific plan.


For customers that send payments over the required amount, we recommend two options that can potentially reduce operations across your support teams.

  • Extend access to your product (e.g. if a customer pays 50% above the payment price, we suggest granting that customer an extra period of time that covers the extra payment sent).

  • Support form (e.g. create a system where customers can easily add their order IDs, email addresses, and the transaction hash to request on-site credit instead of a direct refund).

  • Refund the extra payment sent by the customer directly to their crypto wallet.

To get started with accepting payments below the threshold, feel free to review this help article.

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