Configuring emails

What the different settings mean and how to properly configure them

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For users on the free plan

Currently, Sellix users on the free plan (without a monthly subscription) cannot disable email delivery or configure a custom domain to send emails.

Pro/Business users

Three available configurations can be achieved.

Default settings

By default, Sellix handles the delivery of your emails through our own domain (

This is the configuration that every merchant has when signed up.

Custom domains

On a premium plan, you can connect your own domain (e.g. and sender (e.g. no-reply) to let Sellix deliver email from it (

To do this, leave on the "Email Delivery by Sellix" configuration and follow our interface to add and connect your domain.

Handle emails yourself

If you have your own system to deliver emails based on our webhooks, you can toggle off "Email Delivery by Sellix". We won't be sending any order emails to your customers.

This happens if you have connected a custom domain too.

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