What are product licenses?

Generate, activate, extend, and verify license keys for your software/web applications.

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Product Licenses

Businesses on Sellix can now generate, activate, extend, and verify license keys for their software products with our powerful ecommerce platform. Sellix now automates the delivery of customer-linked license keys and assigns a license key to a specific hardware identification code.

Sellix also comes feature-packed with a monitoring system to identify expiration and activation statuses across customer transaction histories. Sellix product licenses support third-party integrations across custom-built applications and software for optimal product delivery.

Here's an ideal customer transaction flow:

  • Customers complete payment for a specific product on your storefront.

  • We generate a new license key based on your parameters which can be accessed in your dashboard.

  • Customers will receive an individualized license key to access your software/web application.

  • Businesses can continue to track active and expired licenses via their dashboard.

  • Developers can interact with our API to verify the authenticity of each license key and link to a hardware ID.

To create a new product with the license key type, tap on this link: https://dashboard.sellix.io/products/new?isLicense=1

Generate Serials

Sellix will automatically generate new license keys with a customized prefix (e.g. SLLX) with a set quantity prior to delivery.

To verify generated serials for your software/web application, use the POST /products/licensing/check through our API: https://developers.sellix.io/#license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I prevent duplicated serials with Sellix?

Of course. It's always best to set a unique license_key to prevent serials duplication. This ensures that serials you upload for automatic delivery won't be sent to multiple customers resulting in a loss of revenue.

How do I link each license key to a specific hardware ID?

While Sellix is unable to enforce hardware-specific locks, this is something you're able to accomplish with your own software/web application. You'll be able to lock a license key to a customer device and verify that the customer continues to access that license key without other third-party tools.

How do I set an expiration date for licenses?

Once you create a product license key, you'll be given the option to set an expiration date on a daily scale (e.g. 365 days = 1 year). To set the expiration date, scroll down on the product edit/create page until you reach the "License Expiration" section. Once you're there, enter the number of days you'd want your license key to be active.

How do I set a custom label for product delivery?

To customize the label your customers receive post-purchase, for example, "Product purchased" to "Ticket purchased", you'll need to go to the product edit/create page and scroll down to the "Label" section. Once you're there, enter the ticket if singular (e.g. Ticket) or plural (e.g. Tickets) and save your changes.

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