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How does the affiliate dashboard work?
How does the affiliate dashboard work?
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The affiliate dashboard is divided in two components:

- Merchant affiliate dashboard (
- Customer affiliate dashboard ({storeName}, which can be accessed only after upgrading the theme to v0.0.64

Merchant dashboard:


On the merchant dashboard, there are two main sections for the affiliate feature: dashboard and settings.

The dashboard provides data about recurring customers, who has the highest affiliate balance and what their commissions are.

On the settings page, you can configure the default affiliate % as well as understand how the entire process works.

Customer dashboard:

- https://{storeName}
- https://{storeName}
- https://{storeName}

Here, your customers will be able to log in and see which products you have enabled for them.

Every enabled product will have a link that can be copied, when the customer shares that link with others and gets new sales to your store, he will earn a commission.

At the moment, that commission can only be paid out manually by the merchant (the customer will have a contact section on their dashboard).

How to properly configure and make products appear for your customers:

By default, both the affiliate dashboard and product links are disabled on your store.

In order to enable them, you'll have to do two things:

1. Enable your affiliate dashboard at
2. Set an Affiliate Revenue Percent for your products at (bottom of the page)

After doing so, your customers will be able to see every available product in their customer affiliate dashboard.

Customer dashboard additionally:


Very simply, the customer dashboard will provide you with details about your most frequent customers, how many of them are returning and enable you to export all of them in a .csv easily.

Remember, our affiliate dashboard is the secret sauce behind your success, so keep those clicks coming, and who knows, maybe one day we'll celebrate your commissions with a confetti cannon!

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