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Do you prefer Bitcoin, but still want to accept other forms of cryptocurrency payments? If so, you might consider enabling the cryptocurrency swap feature.

This feature enables you to exchange cryptocurrencies based on your needs. For instance, you can receive USDT but still get paid out in BTC.

Cryptocurrency swaps can be configured by clicking the Swaps tab on your cryptocurrency settings page.

How to set up a cryptocurrency swap?

Start by enabling the Swaps feature on your cryptocurrency settings page first. Then, choose one of the two available conversion types:

  • Standard

  • Custom

The Standard conversion type will exchange all of the cryptocurrencies you receive into one.

Example: USDT, ETH, TRON ➜ BTC

The Custom conversion type enables you to choose which cryptocurrencies you want to swap, while receiving other cryptocurrencies as usual.

Example: USDT ➜ BTC, TRON ➜ ETH ...

If you select the custom conversion type but want to keep a specific cryptocurrency as it is, simply set it to be swapped with itself - like this:

This means you will receive Bitcoin as usual, and no additional swap fees will be applied.

Swap payout

Swaps are initiated upon your regular cryptocurrency payout - which you can schedule at the bottom of this page.

Keep in mind that if you want to swap USDT for BTC, you need to have both cryptocurrencies' receiving addresses saved in your cryptocurrency settings. The same applies to all the other cryptocurrencies.

Swap fees

A fee of 0.4% will be applied to your swap, including a transaction fee required by the corresponding cryptocurrency network. Keep in mind you will also have payout fees applied based on your Sellix plan, which you can learn more about on our Fees page.

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