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Favicons help your customers quickly identify your website among many different open tabs in their browser. Additionally, favicons contribute to reinforcing brand recognition and creating a visually cohesive browsing experience for users.

Setting up the favicon

Follow the simple steps to seamlessly integrate your chosen favicon, enhancing your website's look and leaving a lasting, memorable impression on visitors for a positive user experience.

Visual Editor method

Navigate to Themes > Customize to enter our Visual Editor. Now, click on Theme Settings and scroll down to Image Library. Here, simply delete the current favicon file - like this:

Now, click the Upload button and add a new favicon file. The new filename must be "favicon.ico".

Lastly, click the Save Changes button and your favicon will be updated.

Code Editor method

Navigate to Themes > Edit Code to enter our Code Editor. Now, open the Assets folder and remove the "favicon.ico" file. Then, click the "+" button to add a new asset, then choose the Upload file option.

Lastly, simply upload a new "favicon.ico" file and your favicon will be updated.

Manual method

Navigate to Themes, then export your theme - like this:

Now, open the downloaded ZIP file, replace the "favicon.ico" file with your new favicon and re-upload your theme back to Sellix. Make sure to set it as Active, after which your favicon will be updated.


If your favicon does not update, try clearing your browser's cache. If that does not help, feel free to reach out to our Support team for further assistance.


Favicons elevate your website's appearance, creating a professional and visually appealing impression. Beyond tab recognition, they build trust by showcasing attention to detail, contributing to a memorable and credible online experience for visitors.

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