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How to force your Bitcoin and Litecoin payouts
How to force your Bitcoin and Litecoin payouts

If you're receiving errors or if you're not able to get your cryptos out with Daily/Weekly/Monthly payouts, follow this guide.

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Configure Manual Payouts

Go to the settings page at

Scroll down to Scheduled, set it to "Manual" and then save your settings

Force your payout

Go to your balances page at

Request a payout for your crypto


Error when confirming the payout

Your payout might not be possible if its payout amount is too low. Currently, you have to reach a minimum amount of $55 for BTC payouts, as well as $15 for LTC and BCH.

If you have reached the amounts above, but your instant payout is still not possible, the reason could be due to the high cryptocurrency network fees. If network fees are >10% of your total payout amount, the payout will not be possible.

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