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How to use our Telegram Bot

Read our guide to add your Telegram groups to our integration

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This article will guide you through how to properly configure our Telegram Bot to enable the Telegram Integration on your products and services.

Integration types

Invite & Remove

The BOT allows you to invite your customers to your private Groups and/or Channels after they purchase your products.

The integrations is as easy as it gets:

  1. Add the BOT to your Group/Channel

  2. Send your Telegram Code inside the Group/Channel

  3. Done. You can now configure the Telegram Integration when creating or editing products

Example configuration

Add the @SellixMerchantBot to your group and be sure to set admin permissions to it

Then, send your telegram code to the group, keep in mind that the Telegram Code might change each time you use it, be sure to refresh the page to get the latest code available.

This action might take up to 60 seconds to complete, the Bot will not answer immediately.

Setting it to products

Head over to the products, and you can now see the groups appearing on the "Telegram Integration" section.

Product display

The BOT has also the ability of showcasing your products in the groups that you invite it to, with certain custom / commands.

See below on the additional configuration required for it.

Start the Bot and configure it

Head over to telegram, search for @SellixMerchantBot and start the chat

You can also use this link:

Use the /link command

Provide your API Key which can be found at

Then send your one-time Telegram Code, which can always be found at

How does it work?

After a successful purchase, we will automatically provide your customers with a custom invite link for your group, both through emails and on the checkout confirmation page.

For subscriptions

We will also automatically remove users from the group if their subscription is cancelled.

Need help?

Do not hesitate to reach out to us through

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